Greeting Cards

Series of illustrations for greeting cards. Nothing says Happy Birthday like a handmade card!

Hand drawn type

Pen and Ink


Illustration I used in a portfolio as a gift.

Fiction Illustration

My illustration of Hand from Dave Eggers novel You Shall Know Our Velocity.

Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil

Snapdragon illustration from my garden.

Chalk Pastels

Illustration from a photograph.

910 Logo Design

Illustrations in Illustrator for logos, web design, and marketing.

PimpDaddyLand Series

Series of illustrations in colored pencil for the Pimpdaddyland events at the Audubon Hotel.

Dansk One

Computer illustration for use on the web.

We're Only in it for the Honey

The first one was a collaboration with the lead singer. He drew it I scanned it and colored. The second was hand drawn, scanned and tweeked for later use on their website.

Night and the Moon

Illustration created in Illustrator. Web graphics.


Illustration created in Illustrator for use as background of a poster during a book signing in Dallas.

Wizerk Entertainment

Originally drew the W and scanned into Illustrator for lettering and such. Logo design.